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Allergies: A deep dive into why it is not the pollen #3


Welcome to blog #3 in our deep dive into allergies.

There are four basic ways we are triggered into an allergic reaction

Four Basic triggers of allergies (think ABC’s)

Things we Ate   (digestive system)

Things we Breathe  (respiratory system)

Things we come in Contact with   (skin)

Things we Drink   (digestive system)


The conventional approach is to focus on the thousands of substances in the environment that trigger a reaction and look to avoid. Later in this series we will narrow our focus on digestive, respiratory and skin health in improving our resiliency to the thousands of substances in the environment making avoidance unnecessary.Female w Flower


Allergies VS. Sensitivities: Is There a Difference?

-The terms allergy and sensitivity are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference. Some sensitivities are not true allergies.

-Allergies occur when your immune system overreacts to environmental triggers, causing tissue inflammation, organ dysfunction and an array of other symptoms. Sensitivities may include both the true allergies and reactions that do not affect your immune system.

-Both allergies and sensitivities can invoke an immune system response, but allergies typically trigger immediate antibody reactions in your bloodstream, whereas sensitivities trigger slower responses within your cells.

Tomorrow we will look at what is currently known about the causes of allergies.

Be Well

Dr. Whalen

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