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Neuro-emotional Technique (NET)

Considered to be a groundbreaking technique, NET was developed by Dr. Scott Walker in the early 1980s. NET is a mind-body approach of releasing the physiological part of stress that gets stored in our bodies. Stress has a feeling and physical component to it as well. Dr. Whalen has been using NET in his practice since 1991.

The Home Run Formula

Dr. Scott and Dr. Deborah Walker co-developed The Home Run Formula. This formula addresses nutrition, toxicity, structure/energy systems and psycho-emotional stress. Utilizing these “four bases,” we evaluate patients’ reflexes, using a combination of healing methods, and craft a personalized care program that’s specific to each individual.

Dr. Whalen tests acupressure or acupuncture points in the body, which are divided up into 12 main Meridian Systems. These Meridian Systems are named for the primary organs of the body, such as the Lung Meridian or the Liver Meridian. Each of these systems is correlated with certain emotions. The Lung Meridian is associated with grief and sorrow and the Liver Meridian with anger and resentment.

We test on each one of those, so let’s say we find resentment. We have the meridian involved and the emotion involved.

The muscle testing has given us those responses and now we would say, for example, “How do you connect your father and resentment?” You feel there’s an unfairness to it. For example, a patient may say, “I really thought my dad drank too much and when he drank too much, he got mean.” As a child, the patient wasn’t in a position to do anything about it and had to go along with it.

We also want to find out the patient’s age when the event first occurred. For example, it could have been age 5. The patient’s father may have said something that was verbally traumatic. The physiology conditioned that in so it’s stuck. Let’s say at the current time the patient is married to someone who drinks too much. That becomes the current trigger that initiates the physiological response.

The process for patients is to focus on the original event. Dr. Whalen will guide you through the process of reliving the event, but you are in control of how the process goes. There’s an amazing clarity of memory where you’re there at the event. You may recall the color of the room and what people were wearing. The physiology of the event never really ended.

Dr. Whalen would have the patient touch the liver point with one hand and the other on the forehead. There are vertebrae associated with the Liver Meridian.

Then, Dr. Whalen uses a spring-loaded instrument to make an adjustment on those vertebrae while the patient is touching those points. By making the correction on the spine, it’s releasing the chemical memory of the emotion that’s in the physiology. The adjustment allows a release and an extinguishment of the original event.

Like Pavlov’s dogs, the person “stops ringing the bell,” and the salivation stops. Now that original event can naturally extinguish as well.

Then we go back and Dr. Whalen will check the meridian point to make sure the muscle tests strong and there’s no longer an emotional charge. If a patient thinks about the event and there’s no longer an emotional charge, they come back to their current event (e.g., spouse who drinks more than they should). While they still have that circumstance, if won’t impact their body. So the patient could now say to their spouse, “Let’s get counseling.” The patient now has the resources.

Used With Cancer Survivors & Those With PTSD

Research has been done using NET on cancer survivors. The patient would go back to the time when they got their diagnosis. A recording of the patient would be made describing when they got the diagnosis. The person would then be hooked up to a heart rate variability instrument and a reading would be taken with the person in a normal stance.

Then, the researcher would take a reading when the patient listened to the diagnosis. That produced a physiological change. The patient then would fill out a psychological survey of stress and it would be a 9 or a 10. A brain image and a functional MRI were taken while the patient listened to the diagnosis. Stress areas of the brain lit up.

This was done with 23 people. Then they did 3-5 sessions of NET with each person and redid the HRV, surveys and functional MRI and now the stress levels are a 1 or 2. This is published research demonstrating what the work can do. “The life-changing experiences that people have had as a result of this work is profound,” says Dr. Whalen.

We also have worked with people after 9/11 and the Oklahoma bombing.

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