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Woman cutting up peppersNutrition provides the nutrients that rebuild ourselves so we’re continually renewing body parts, cells and organs. Through nutrition we acquire the building blocks to restore our physical body-the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients we need come through our diet.

Getting You Back in Balance

Our diet and what we eat are essential to our health and well-being. Nutrition can get you out of balance. There are various named diets that we don’t get into or talk about that are dominating in one type of food over another. For optimal nutrition, it’s essential to incorporate a broad variety of foods in your diet. We take into account that may have specific allergies and sensitivities to certain foods.

Whole Food Nutrition

When you think about food in nature, everything is integrated. You never find nutrients that are isolated. For example, you won’t find just vitamin C-all food is synergistic. That’s the way our body utilizes nutrition as well.

The supplements we recommend at Zionsville Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness Center are food concentrates. Rather than isolating the chemical components of vitamin B1 or vitamin B6, for example, whole foods such as broccoli, alfalfa and buckwheat will make up the nutrition product.

To identify the nutritional imbalances you may have, we use a symptom survey form that’s laid out in a pattern of sections. These include sections related to the following:

  • Digestion
  • Liver function
  • Thyroid function

  • Reproductive organs
  • And more

In addition to the symptom survey, we also use hair analysis to measure mineral balances of the hair. We can use blood tests, analyze those and combine them with the symptom survey form, to make nutritional recommendations. Kinesiology muscle testing also can be used to determine if there might be a dietary need.

As it can be a challenge to get all the nutrients we need each day we use Standard Process supplements. This whole foods company has been around since 1929 and is highly regarded for its quality nutrients. Standard Process has 800 acres of organic farmland. About 80% of the nutrients in the products are grown on their organic farm. Dr. Whalen was introduced to Standard Process before he graduated from chiropractic college.

Dr. Whalen offers free nutrition workshops throughout the year at the practice. These are open to patients and their families as well as the community. He also has a lending library of many books on nutrition. These include the following:

  • Diet and Nutrition: A Holistic Approach
  • Good Foods/Bad Foods: A Little Book of Common Sense Nutrition
  • Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Blood Type Diet® Solution

  • The Real Truth About Vitamins & Anti-oxidants
  • The Yeast Connection: A Medical Breakthrough
  • The Zone Diet
  • Nutrition Against Disease

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Discover the difference that high-quality nutrition can make in your health and life. Call today to book a consultation for nutritional counseling! We look forward to helping you get on the path to optimal nutrition and health.

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