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Chiropractic Care

What Is It?

Chiropractic Care in ZionsvilleSimply put, Dr. Whalen believes that chiropractic care is all about releasing interferences in your body that are blocking its ability to express health. By providing focused care to each patient, we’re able to specifically target where subluxation is occurring in your spine and help restore its proper position and function.

When your spine is in proper alignment, it can make a world of difference in your health beyond just pain relief, including heightened energy, lowered stress, improved immunity and a happier work and home life.

Our Techniques

In order to provide the best care for each patient, Dr. Whalen is proud to offer a variety of adjustment techniques in the practice, including:

  • Thompson Technique: Involving the use of a moving table, the Thompson technique is ideal for nervous patients as you won’t hear any popping in your joints.
  • Diversified: Perhaps the most popular technique in chiropractic care, the Diversified approach is a hands on, manual technique that allows Dr. Whalen to move the spinal bones back into their proper alignments.
  • Activator Method: An adjustment style that relies on a spring-loaded handheld instrument to gently tap spinal bones back into place. Great for patients old or young!
  • Neuro-emotional Technique: A 15-step process that focuses on releasing and eliminating the effects of stress on the body.

Many patients who’ve experienced the power of chiropractic at our practice have reaped the many benefits, including lowered blood sugar, less fatigue and allergy improvement among many others.

Ready to Get Started?

Dr. Whalen has more than 30 years of experience and is available to help you live your best life. What are you waiting for? Contact our practice to get started today.



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