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Allergies: A deep dive into why it is not the pollen #5


To recap where we are in this series, we have covered how big a problem allergies are, what the four avenues of exposure are and what causes allergies. Now, we are moving into what the solutions are to the allergy epidemic.


The approach we utilize for resolving allergy issues is called the Homerun Formula.


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I am going to begin with a bold statement. In addition to allergies, almost every health problem can be explained and addressed with this formula. Health is the normal state when all systems are balanced. Progressive alternative practitioners address the neurological components involving brain, nerve system & spine, We also work to optimize and balance your body chemistry with homeopathy, plus we prescribe appropriate nutritional supplements your body craves and we also include a very powerful, research supported, mind-body technique called NET – Neuro-Emotional Technique. We call this The Home Run Formula because we touch all four bases: Neurological, Emotional, Toxins and Nutrition. No other health care system provides this truly holistic approach.

We previously discussed how our system is either overwhelmed by a constellation of factors or our internal resiliency is compromised weakening our ability to meet the challenges of the environment we live in resulting in allergic reactions.

Step one is reduce exposure to allergy triggers.

What could I be allergic to?

Be the Hunter /Detective looking for allergy triggers

Anything in any combination.

A person may be allergic to an unlimited list of items such as: Naturally occurring food, drinking water, perfumes, electromagnetic radiation, environmental chemicals such as paint, gasoline and cleaning solvents, chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia or ethanol, artificial food additives, synthetic products, natural gas, yeast or fungi.

Allergen handout as a guide for potential triggers is available upon request. Contact me at

Diet isn’t everything…but it’s pretty close

 Look at this study on reactivity in response to exposure to food.

Even contact allergy symptoms (itching, redness, etc) can be caused by a dietary allergy

Individuals with contact dermatitis experience inflamed, red, itchy, scaly skin when they come in contact with substances they are allergic to.

In the study, the researchers asked patients who had previously been identified as having general food and fragrance allergies to eliminate various skin care products and perfumes as well as a variety of foods, spices and beverages.

Specifically, the 45 patients had allergies to a generic chemical found in many types of foods called balsam of Peru (BOP) and were also allergic to a mix of common chemicals used in fragrances. Allergies to BOP can be a red flag that a food allergy may be the cause, at least in part, for contact dermatitis.

After eliminating potential sources of irritation such as perfumes, colognes, skin care products and cleaners, patients who still did not see a reduction in symptoms were asked to eliminate foods that contain BOP-related chemicals.

Such foods include chocolate, citrus fruits, ice cream, cola and tomatoes — in short dozens of foods that people most like to eat. Study participants also gave up flavorings including vanilla and cinnamon, and condiments such as ketchup and barbecue sauce.

After the elimination period, the patients were encouraged to start eating the foods again, one at a time every few days, in order to see which ones affected their skin condition.

Nearly half of the 45 participants had a complete or significant improvement in their condition that could be traced to the dietary changes.

Tomatoes, citrus and spices were the most commonly implicated foods.

While sticking to the stringent diet restrictions proved tough for some, those who succeeded saw improvements in their condition.

Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology September 2001;45:377-381


Elimination diet can be useful to isolate complex dietary allergens.

Before eliminating food, we need to know what you are consuming in your diet. Start with a food diary recording everything that you consume for seven days. (We have a food diary form to record your findings. 

As you can see, resolving allergy issues gets pretty involved. We are experienced in assisting you through the process. We are here to assist you.

Tomorrow: Applying the Home Run Formula in detail: THE C1 NEUROLOGICAL CONNECTION



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