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Allergies: A deep dive into why it is not the pollen.


This post is the first of several taking a deep dive into the challenges allergy sufferers face and some innovative solutions. Let’s get right to it.

  • What can they expect from this deep dive?

This being spring time, we’re going to look at some symptoms – not to suppress them but to use them as clues.  We will go over WHAT allergies really are and how it works, WHAT the

symptoms are when it doesn’t work and WHAT YOU can do about these problems.  We will focus on the root cause of the problem and not try to cover up

the symptoms with drugs. The final posts will focus on action steps to reduce and even eliminate your allergy issues.

Time to stop running


We all know a person who suffers like this (a friend, loved one, co-worker, ourselves) Running from or avoiding activities can be very confusing, overwhelming. Let’s see if we can find solutions other than avoiding the triggers that give us red, watery eyes and turn our nose into a faucet.

On the next post: How big a problem are allergies and why.

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