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Along with the Beauty of Spring.... Achoo! Summer and Fall Too!

Allergies continue to be on the increase with 50 million Americans experiencing various types of allergies each year. Did you know that allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness according to Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America?

Are you part of the statistic?

Are you part of the statistic?


The World Allergy Organization said that as many as 40 percent of the world’s people suffer from at least one allergic condition, and that in some countries allergies have increased by as much as 50 percent over the past decade.

Why? It is widely thought that pollutants, additives and pesticides effect our immune system’s ability to respond adequately. This is a topic worthy of it’s own blog post.

Our community is part of this statistic and what bothers us even more is that those who are suffering are most likely using “solutions” that often cause more damage than good.

The conventional approach to addressing allergies is to try to identify the irritating substance, be it pollens, foods or chemicals, and reduce and eliminate exposure and take medications to further suppress our immune system response. Some people are “allergic” to everything? What do you do then? It is near impossible to identify and avoid possible allergens. AND, your health hasn’t improved!

What has been found is one universal solution: Restore your power of self-healing!

We end suffering

We end suffering

The four foundational pillars are breakthrough methods for reconnecting healthy communication and restoring the body’s healing system. The healing system is restored: 1. by releasing the cumulative neurological, 2. emotional, 3. nutritional biochemical and 4. toxic stresses that bring about self-healing and optimum health. Built on these four pillars, the future of addressing suffering from allergies looks very different than from the past

If you are sick and tired of allergies ruining a season each year, then join us…

Live presentation – ACHOO! on Tuesday, April 26 at 6:00 pm at Zionsville Holistic Chiropractic and Wellness Center, 1620 W Oak St. Ste 100, Zionsville, IN 46077. Please register at the link below. seating is limited.

During this experience, we will share the Four Foundational Pillars, the  proven and safe way to eliminate your allergies with only one side effect – HEALTH!

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