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Health Care Currently

Let’s look at where health care is currently at. What I have found is that the lives of exceptionally conscientious men and women are breaking down as they spiral downhill due to years in the exhausting rat race. They are in the spiral of adding a few pounds each year, frequent heartburn to the point of having their gall bladder removed, taking blood pressure and cholesterol medication plus medication to sleep in addition to whatever self-medicating they are doing.

Failing health care system

Failing health care system

People are dreading reaching that age where the annual screening are recommended looking for the big C’s Cancer and heart disease. They are starting to lose trust in conventional medicine after years of failed pharmaceuticals and their side-effects. people are frustrated by the health care carousel where doctors give conflicting recommendations, red pills are given for problems the blue pill caused and the idea of body parts being removed just doesn’t seem right. This plan just isn’t working!

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