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The pace of life is often so rapid we are lucky to keep up with what we are doing right now. Regularly pausing and looking at the big picture can help point us in direction we want to go. I recommend your health be first on your list.

Let’s start with the most common health problem in each stage of life. I suspect these are all too familiar to you. Birth to age 10 are skin conditions and infections. Age 10-19 are acne and menstrual disorders. Age 20-29 are mental health conditions, obesity and migraine headaches. Age 30-39pain to wellness Neuro-Musculo-skeletal, digestive, and gall bladder conditions. Age 40-59 high triglycerides, high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. Age 60-79 cancer, osteoarthritis, enlarged prostate, cataract, large intestine conditions, type 2 diabetes and deafness. Age 80+ multiple heart conditions, dementia, kidney diseases, anemia and osteoporosis.[1]

I call this the conventional downward health spiral. At least 40% of the U.S. population is on this path. The number of people with chronic health problems is projected to increase by the millions and start at an earlier age. The evidence demonstrates that the quality of our health in America is and has been on the decline for several decades. This decline parallels increasing pharmaceutical and technological developments. According to a 2021 report by the Commonwealth Fund regarding healthcare in the US, compared to other high-income countries, the US ranks eleventh out of eleven.[2] Depressing isn’t it? 

[1]Reference: A chronological map of 308 physical and mental health conditions from 4 million individuals.

[2]Eric C. Schneider et al., “Mirror, Mirror 2021: Reflecting Poorly: Health Care in the U.S. Compared to Other High-Income Countries,” The Commonwealth Fund, August 4, 2021,

The continual decline in the quality of our health and life gave rise to the “Wellness Revolution”. The growth of Massage, yoga, Pilates,  fitness centers, integrative medical centers, natural and organic grocery stores took off with increasing popularity. Yet the downhill spiral of our health continues. What is missing?

What Is Health?

Why is this the current state of our health? What is going on? Let’s look at how our bodies work and why they are breaking down. The anatomy and physiology textbooks are the same for medical school and chiropractic college. Amazingly, chiropractors see how our bodies work from the viewpoint of the nervous system being the primary system. This viewpoint may be new to you, as the heart and circulatory system are what are emphasized in the medical system.

In my opinion, based on observations during forty-five years of clinical integrative chiropractic practice, the issue of millions of people currently being diagnosed with several illnesses is because of the breakdown of the Four Foundational Pillars of Health. Our ability to heal is severely limited to the point that we cannot heal. The ability to heal, and to heal exponentially, will be restored when the Four Foundational Pillars of Health are rebuilt and restored.

The Four Foundational Pillars of Health

The breakdown of the restorative processes is the result of interferences disrupting the Four Foundational Pillars of Health. The first pillarthe communication systems of the mind/bodyis disrupted by multiple types of interferences. The second pillarnutrition for growth and repairis harmed by deficiencies and imbalances in nutrition. The third pillar—detoxification processes to clear toxins from the bodyis overburdened by years of accumulating both internally Four Foundational Pillars image sm produced and externally produced environmental toxins. The fourth pillar—mind/body stress relief, which is our ability to adapt to stressis frequently broken down with the excessive and sustained stress of modern life. The rapid pace of life from the moment you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night causes a continual release of stress signals in the nervous system as well as stress chemicals in the endocrine system, particularly from the adrenal glands. The sustained nervous system signaling and stress chemical release contribute to the overall breakdown of all systems of the body.

This may be news to you. Taking action based on the new understanding about the impact of physical, chemical, and emotional stress and recognizing when it’s happening will change your life.

Now more than ever, you need clarity on what health practices to focus your precious time, energy, and attention on. All you need is the right person to explain it to you in the right way so that it makes sense. The following listed resources are available to you to clarify what is necessary to restore our ability to heal and will guide you back to the quality of health and vibrant life nature designed.

The first resource is my video series ‘Exponential Healing’ unveils the secrets of Integrative Chiropractic addressing the Four Foundational Pillars to guide you back to health as nature intended. ? Click the following link  and start your journey towards a life of energy and tranquility. Exponential Healing” series:


My recently released book; “Exponential Healing: The Power of Integrative Chiropractic to Restore Your Health and Wellness to Nature’s Design” is the culmination of forty-four years of experience backed by research that proves your mind and body can directly rejuvenate your health and unlock your fullest potential.

Design 3Exponential Healing is an in-depth look at how the Four Foundational Pillars of Health offer untold recovery from such issues as allergies, digestive problems, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, different types of pain, and much more.

Through sharing personal stories, hard data, and insights from other experts in the field, I hope to fulfill my greatest desire to redirect your focus to this integrative chiropractic method so you can reap its astounding benefits. Scan the QR code to go directly to Amazon. Available in paperback and E-book.


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