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The Invisible Causes of Health Made Visible

People respond with looks of confusion to amazement when informed that the first chiropractic adjustment restored hearing to the deaf person receiving it. The first chiropractic adjustment was applied to the spinal vertebrae as most adjustments are. The anticipated result was to positively influence the function of the nervous system which is invisible to the naked eye. In the case of the first adjustment, the ability to hear again confirmed the adjustment worked!

For most practice members, we need to use a variety of procedures to make what is invisible – visible.

I want to highlight one of several highly accurate procedures used at the comprehensive examination make the functions of the nervous system clearly visible. This gives us an accurate measure to demonstrate the progress being made as a result of following the recommendations for care.

There are three important computerized instrumentation tests performed as part of the initial and progress examinations to confirm the degree of defunction and improvement in specific branches of the nervous system.

HRV compare

One computerized instrument assessment is Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Simply put, Heart Rate Variability measures altered autonomic nervous system function. An unbalanced autonomic nervous system means we have less energy reserves to handle ongoing stresses of all types and our neurological resources for healing are reduced.

It is kind of like having a saving account. Is the savings account well-funded with abundant resources or is it diminished with limited resources available?  In short HRV measures the adaptive reserves our nervous system must work with in the healing process.







sEmg normal

The second computerized instrumentation measures the amount of nervous system signaling that is accurately controlling the tonal energy of the muscles of spinal posture. A measurable amount of tonal energy is expended to maintain our postural positions. Excessive and diminished activity along with unbalanced distribution of tonal energy means there is chaotic communication and vital energy being wasted due to nervous system interference and miscommunication.

Fatigue and spinal vertebral misalignment and additional nervous interference are the result. The image below with the colored bars show chaotic communication to the muscles compared to the image of the white bars indicating accurate signaling to the muscles.








Thermoscan example

The third computerized instrumentation measures the temperature distribution over the spinal nerve distribution to the skin. This test is called a thermoscan. The spinal nerve distribution pattern are called dermatomes. This scan of temperature distribution reveals if interference to nervous system signaling is affecting the important nervous system control of glands and organs.

Findings from this scan indicate that the interference is penetrating into the more protected deeper levels of the nervous system. Diminished function and weakening of the organs and glands is more likely to be occurring reducing resources and prolonging the healing time.

The comprehensive examination process reveals the number of disruptions of nervous system control and the severity of the disruptions of nervous system control. The health restoration plan is based on the history and examination findings.

Wellness Score:

Each examination procedure is quantified and given a numerical score on a scale of 0 to 100. Score in the 90 to 100 range is considered excellent, 80 to 90 range is considered good. 70 to 80 range is considered fair. 60 to 70 range is considered challenged and below 60 is very challenged. The scores of all the examinations are grouped together compiled to create an overall wellness score. You even receive a letter grade.

The score you can't afford to fail.

The score you can’t afford to fail.

I want to emphasize how the body functions as one system. A disruption in one neurological pathway, or one Meridian Access Point (MAP), or excessive or diminished signaling to a muscle, organ or gland affect whole body health. The tests are separated out for explanation purposes.

The Wellness score gives a comprehensive overview of your current health status and creates a starting point for the Health Restoration Plan. To measure is to know.

Wellness score. To measure is to know.

Initial and progress wellness reports, computerized instrument scans and symptom surveys are reviewed demonstrating the various rates of objective and symptomatic progress practice members are experiencing. These wellness score findings demonstrate the degree of restoration.

The benefits practice members are experiencing include: increased daily energy levels, increased strength and endurance, better sports performance and reaction times, improved posture and flexibility, improved digestion with normalized schedule of bowel and bladder function. Clarity of thoughts and increased mental alertness and ability to concentrate, able to relax, take deeper breaths, Improved quality and length of sleep cycles, Improved clarity and radiance of skin, hair and nails. Improved outlook on life, more optimism and sense of gratitude, ability to relate to others is improved. Less pain or no pain, decreased use of or eliminating medications. More resilience to stressful events, overall health improvement and resistance to disease. Practice members report experiencing several of these benefits at the same time.

Don’t leave your health to how you feel and if you symptoms or not. Allow me to support your follow-through to exponentially restore your power of self-healing, eradicate your stress, restore your energy and help you become ultra-resistant to illness so you can live the vibrant life you desire throughout the rest of your life.


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