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The Indianapolis area is one of the meccas of medicine with several prestigious hospitals including IU Health, St Vincent, Community, Eskenazi and Riley Hospital for Children. The life saving measures at these hospitals have saved many a life. Hospitals and medical clinics are designed to take care of us when we have a disease.

Medical care is focused on getting rid of diseases. In this system, the mode of treatment is to provide a medication that either kills an invading organism; or allows you to live with a disease such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.  A surgical procedure may be necessary when the disease has progressed to a point that the diseased tissue is life threatening and needs to be cut out.

May I suggest what is still a radical idea even today, that waiting until we are diseased to seek assistance for our health is way too late?

 John Travis, M.D. first proposed The Illness-Wellness Continuum in 1972 as a graphical illustration of a well-being concept. It proposes that health and well-being are on a continuum and includes mental and emotional health, as well as the presence or absence of illness. This model allows you to begin moving  away from disease toward High Level Wellness immediately.

Wellness Continuum

There is a health care system that focuses on what causes health. That assists you toward High Level Wellness right now. Holistic and Wellness Chiropractic assesses where you are along the continuum even before symptoms appear as well as after. We begin the process of restoring your ability to be fully self-regulating and self-healing to move you along the continuum toward High Level Wellness.

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High Level Wellness is possible when we are fully self-regulating and self-healing. Self-regulating means being fully responsive to meeting the demands of the physical, chemical and emotional stresses we frequently face in today’s world. Self-healing means having strong immunity and ability to heal thus even preventing the possibility of disease.

Reach out to us today if you are ready to experience High Level Wellness.

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